Interim Leadership

With constant change in the ever-evolving healthcare marketplace, we understand the enormous pressure that today’s healthcare organizations face. The unpredictable absence or loss of a healthcare leader can lead to catastrophic declines in team morale, patient care, quality and financial outcomes. When your organization simply cannot afford to be dis-advantaged by a gap in leadership, Thaxton Barabe can bridge that gap with our experienced interim leaders.


Strategic Recruitment

We will leverage extensive experience with the ability to understand your culture to quickly place the ideal Interim Leader within your organization. With the goal of improving patient care and overall organization performance, our Interim Leaders will assist in your successful transition.


Process Management

Once a candidate has been selected, we make the hiring process simple. We save our clients time and money by ensuring the employment paperwork and background check are properly administered. Our clients have routinely voiced that our process of accurately defining and understanding their needs is the key to ensuring success throughout the assignment.


Creating Solutions

Our recruiters work with your existing systems and programs to find the right candidate and maintain stability when you need it most. They blend into your organization as a valuable resource and keep your organization on track. To ensure client satisfaction, we routinely communicate with our clients and Interim Leaders to ensure success throughout the entire engagement.


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