Fee Structure

Thaxton Barabe is pleased to offer two pricing models:

Option 1, our most popular option, is an all-inclusive model.

Thaxton Barabe develops a daily rate that includes all relevant professional fees and associated reimbursable expenses for the interim leader. This all-inclusive, one fee model, allows clients to know exactly what their cost will be from week to week and month to month without variation. This model also minimizes any administrative work related to coordinating and reimbursing the interim leader’s travel arrangement and expenses.

Option 2, is a professional fee plus reimbursable expenses

In this rate structure, Thaxton Barabe charges a professional fee for each day the interim leader is onsite and submits reimbursable expenses as actual pass through costs. The professional fees include all of the relevant cost of the interims wages as well as taxes, insurance, benefits etc. Reimbursable expenses will include items such as travel to and from the client city, housing, car and travel home every other weekend.

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